The goals of the junior jazz department

5804692972_9f4e4ce731_b‘Jazz is fun, but serious fun’

• To give young students  the possibility to learn and appreciate jazz music in a relaxed but motivated environment. ‘Jazz is fun, but serious fun!’

• To offer students of all musical backgrounds the possibility of making collective music in an ensemble or big band setting, while equally encouraging their individual development as soloists. Jazz music is one of the rare art forms where students are required to interact with each other as a team, while at the same time developing individualistic solo skills.  The combination of team-spirit and individual self-expression can be a very useful life experience for young students, also for those who do not intend to make music a career.

• To provide an environment in which students are able to put music theory into practice as early as possible.

• To offer a wide range of ensembles of different levels which offer both serious students and part-timers the opportunity to develop their talents by playing with students of their own age and level.

• To teach the history and stylistic development of jazz music through the use of audio and video material. This provides an opportunity for students to learn the historical development of jazz and the important stylistic connections between different jazz forms.

• To offer students of all musical backgrounds the opportunity of gaining a deeper appreciation of jazz music as well as providing jazz enthusiasts to gain a much better understanding of jazz improvisation.

• To provide serious students with a broad jazz education ranging from individual lessons to theory, ensembles and big bands as preparation for the entrance exams to the Jazz Conservatory Junior Jazz College.

Participation in the ensembles is open to everybody. Applicants need not be students at the Muziekschool Amsterdam nor do they need to be residents in the Amsterdam area..

The Junior Ensembles

The Junior ensembles consist of three interlinked groups:

The Jazz Juniors (11-14 years)

The Jazz Juniors Unlimited (14-18 years)

The Jazz Focus Big Band (open to all age groups)

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